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You came from nobility, but your family was not much better off than the common peasant. The only reason why you were even making out with the future King of England was that your parents practically sold you to Queen Nicola as a house servant. The Holland family coat of arms featured two gold lions, rampant on a red field, leading you to affectionately call him your Lion. After a minute of deep, loving kisses, you pulled back, breathing hard. He rested his forehead against your own and stared into your eyes.

I love you with everything that I have.

Tom Holland Nudes - "spider-man" Jerk off Video LEAKED! -

You knew that your moment alone was drawing to a close, so you pulled back from his warm embrace to grab his sword belt. You fastened it onto his waist, giving his ass a feel on your was back around. He laughed. Everyone from the palace was invited to the cathedral for the ceremony. The palace servants were to wait in the gallery, of course, but you managed to grab a spot in the front. As Tom and Isabella exchanged vows and sealed their matrimony with a kiss, the crowd erupted in cheers.

Though you were serving platters and aiding the kitchen servants, you were able to catch glimpses of the newlyweds. At first, both were rather awkward towards each other. If not, poor Isabella might not have been able to become fluent in English by the time of the wedding. Tom shifted his glance to her plate of food. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but closed it abruptly and stared at his own plate.

He tried using the foreign utensil his new Italian father in law gave them. He was not quite sure how to cut his meat with it, as it was not very sharp.

Inception hunk Tom Hardy admits: 'I've had sexual relations with men'

Isabella noticed his confusion. Nodding along, Tom picked it up and speared his meat with the prongs before trying to separate it from the rest of the cut. Isabella laughed. Like this.

Tom watched intently and tried to repeat her actions. They fell back into an uncomfortable silence. Isabella let out a small laugh and looked down at her plate. Isabella joined in, and the nervous energy was melting away. Tom caught his breath and turned towards her. My father did the same twelve years ago when they tried to take Normandy. You must be extraordinarily brave.


I shot a rabbit! For the rest of the day, You watched the two become closer and closer. Laughing and talking as if they had known each other all their lives. Usually, he would give you a subtle wink or knowing smirk, but this time, nothing. You had expected him to fall in love with her eventually, but certainly not this quickly. The rest of the day, you were treated like just another servant by Tom whenever he was with Isabella. He would toss you his things to put away, or wave his hand to summon more wine.

It was your role in life to do these things for him, yet he always at least thanked you. Today, not even no much as a glace was cast your way from him. You tried not to let it get to you, but it still did. Especially when you remind yourself that he will be sharing her bed tonight, which will seal your fate as simply another consort. He entered the room not long after you had gotten yourself comfortable. His grin was from ear to ear and he had this unconquerable joy in his gait. Of course they would have a child together.

It was only natural. But until Tom said it, you had not really given it much thought. In a few moments, you would be undressing Tom. Not for yourself, but to put into nightclothes, in which he would wait up for Isabella. Then they would fuck. But it would be more than that. It always was with him. He was so good, so gentle when he needs to be, and rough when he needs to be. Not after the day they had today. They would make love. And if they made love, you would be out of the picture.

Tom was still talking, and still blind to how this situation made you feel. He walked over to you and cupped your face. Just say the word and I am out of your way.

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You were still crying, but let out a muffled moan and put everything you had into this kiss, which was in your mind the last kiss. His hands roamed your back while your hands clung to his shirt for dear life. You felt that if you let go, you were letting him go forever. And that was the last thing you wanted. Eventually, you both had to come up for air, and when you did, he cupped your face and looked you in the eye.

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Yes, we will have to sire a child but that is my duty. My choice—my love—is you. He pulled you in for a soft kiss and held your head to his chest. He slowly rocked back and forth, letting you sob against him. I always will be. He smiled and ran his thumb over your cheek, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. I really do. Your eyes widened in shock. But what if she tells someone about us?

Nothing would happen to him. Not at the stake; under it. You felt strong arms wrap around your waist. You tensed in his arms. He gave a soft kiss to your head before checking to see who it was. He opened the door and invited the guest in. Your eyes fell upon the tan beauty that stood before you. Tom nodded, motioning to a chair nearby, and beckoned you to join them.

You did so with reluctance.

She shifted in her seat and took a breath. I feel that you should know about it if we are to live together and presumably, uh, sleep together. Isabella let out a heavy breath. After what felt like eons of nervous silence, Tom burst out laughing. Isabella looked thoroughly embarrassed.

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What a peculiar situation. Here was a bride and a groom having a discussion on their wedding night about how they love and have sex with other people—of the same sex no less! After the three of you calmed down, Tom moved to speak again. Then, when I have to shoot my seed, I will pull out and enter you. Sound good? Before long, the candles were burning low and Isabella had to get back to her chambers. You all stood and walked her out. They sealed the toast with a chaste kiss on the lips before opening the door. Her guard, Bormio, had been waiting for her this whole time to escort her back to her chambers, back to her beloved Sofia.

He turned walked back to his bed to find you on the bed, naked and ready for him. Tom bit his lip and sauntered over, drinking in all your handsome, sexy glory. Your Prince commands it. Before you could actually undress him, he kissed you ravenously. He shoved you back onto the bed and you giggled.