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I am looking for the one and only to spend the rest of my exsistence with. A requirement for him is, he must love kids! I am a single parent to three boys 16,15 and 5, plus a daughter who is 6. A long time working entertainer Not a Drag Queen but like to watch them perform from time to time living single in Phoenix. I am fairly quiet when not on stage. I like all the Gay Chubby Chat City. Also Included within the site are chubby gay chat pics, chubby gay chat photos, chubby gay chat pictures, chubby gay chat dating.

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Hot Chub Guys Are Waiting - Free Chub Cams | Watch XXX Gay Chub Porn Live!

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Austin Walter Chubby Guys. It seems now that that lovely chub is starting to be looked down on by society and it's harder and harder to meet a confident chub out in the real world. ManPlay has probably tens of thousands of members within traveling distance of me and with a few clicks I can find all the beautiful, sexy chubs I want!

I'm just a silly, fun-loving, easy-going dude who was always having trouble letting my personality shine past my weight. I've been bullied, and I've been mistreated, but never on ManPlay! I'm so happy I finally let a friend convince me to join. I thought it would be a waste of time or money, but it's been the best possible use of both I could have ever imagined! I'm getting laid all the time! I love my life. I love performing, I love my dog, I love my city, I love my friends — you get the picture.

But for all that love, I have no one to love me: To put it less nicely: I want sex. It's been too long and I just want it now, always, and much more than I've been getting it!

Chubby Guys

I'll be a full on chub soon! I like getting big. I'm tired of putting all my effort into being kinda skinny. I feel much better being with men who celebrate a guy being a little bigger. I spent many years hiding my true self. I was married to a woman for eight years before I finally told her what I finally couldn't deny any more: I am gay.

It's been less than a year since then and I have been shunned by a lot of my family and friends. I'm sure they'll come around, but for now I'm on my own in this world and I'm here looking for a man to spend time with and explore. Gay, black, and fat!

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I really got some kind of special trifecta! I swear I'm not an asshole because of it.

And hey, I may be more experienced than you know! Don't judge a book by it's cover, you know? I'm looking for a guy who's willing to be a top and a bottom, flexible with experimenting and trying out new stuff, and who appreciates me physically. Me personally, I like all the sexy body types: Are you the kind of man who needs a little more to love? Do you like a little more cushin' for the pushin'? You're not alone. Gay men worldwide are enamored by chubby guys.